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    From Jay Harris@1:229/664 to All on Wed Sep 1 15:38:08 2021
    Hello, please add/list the new HOROSCOPE echo. The ELIST add is quoted below.

    From: Vincent Coen
    To: Jay Harris
    Subj: HOROSCOPE Echolist Update
    Date: 08/29/21 00:30
    Base: ELIST: ELIST Conference

    Echo successfully Added.

    TAGname: HOROSCOPE Group: FIDO

    TITLe: Horoscope Listings & Discussion

    Language: ENGLISH

    Horoscope Listings & Discussion

    RULEs: {Not Found}

    MODerator: Jay Harris, 1:229/664

    DISTribution: {None on Record}

    GATEway: Permitted

    From: Jay Harris, 1:229/664

    Updated on: 2021/08/21 and valid till 2022/02/28

    Produced by Elist v5.2.028

    -=:{ End of Report }:=-
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    + Origin: The Elist Maintainer (2:250/1)

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  • From Jay Harris@1:229/664 to Vincent Coen on Thu Sep 2 20:35:36 2021
    On 02 Sep 2021, Vincent Coen said the following...

    You need to supply a file direct to 2:25/21 or 2:250/1
    Err, you have already done this ?

    Yup, did that on Aug 29th. This message was just quoting that response.


    ... Go on, be yourself! There isn't anyone better qualified.

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  • From Dallas Hinton@1:153/7715 to Sean Dennis on Fri Sep 3 10:04:48 2021
    Hi, Sean -- on Sep 03 2021 at 02:57, you wrote:

    The NAB hubs will pick it up since you posted the elist message in

    Yup - already auto-connected!

    Cheers... Dallas

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