• found yourself finding, alternatives to Amazon lately?

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    On 13/06/2020 5:43 a.m., Doug Cooper : Marc Lewis wrote:

    Hmmm. Thought so. ;-( I'll try posting a "retail horror"
    of my own and see if it gets any kind of response.

    Marc.. did you post that one?

    No better time then now, with the 3 month Toilet paper
    hoarding, meat shortages, spike in Amazon pricing (at
    least on those items I've purchased regularly), etc...

    How are things fairing now 4 months later?

    Have anyone other then me, found yourself finding
    alternatives to Amazon lately? I bought 2 Philips 27"
    monitors about 2 months ago for $109 new in box. Same
    online retailer now charging $169.

    My shop carries the Book Seat (tm) at $44.95 cdn MSRP.

    Amazon has been offering it at $50+ for a very long time.
    (or $40USD -> $54 cdn)

    Granted, they offer free shipping. But often that only to applies to
    the Members.

    ...I've also noticed that my Amazon
    points are not immediatly available as they used to be.
    They are only available at the end of each month.

    Sweet and subtle.

    ... Has anyone else noticed other changes to be aware
    of within Amazon? I'm wondering if the prime membership is
    worth the expense these days; I'm not feeling the savings
    nor advantages that at one moment in history attracted me
    to the service.

    Yes.. Many books used to have discounts. Now, not so many! (Good
    for me though as an independent bookshop owner.) LOL

    Independent shops of all kinds are putting up signage like this:

    “Buy books from people who want to sell books, not colonize the moon.”

    “Amazon, please leave the dystopia to Orwell.”

    “If you want Amazon to be the world’s only retailer, keep shopping there.”


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