• Clean Python Install question

    From Doug Cooper@1:227/702 to All on Thu Jun 11 23:49:08 2020
    Hi there!

    I hope all are healthy and well.

    I have both Python 3 and 2 installed on my machine to support various BBS scripts but also for my college classes for web / software development. It
    was by complete "no option" as my instructors had us install Node on our machines, and Node added Python 3 during it's auto install. While I have
    both working fantastic independantly and have learned the -3 or -2 commands necesssary to call either version, I'm having continued issues with version 2.7.18 with a singular error:

    "ImportError: cannot import name_remove_dead_weakref"

    I've done tons of research on this error, however most are guys using linux, and I'm using Windows 10.

    The only common fix seems to be that when I had uninstalled and reinstalled version 2.7.18 (long before I had version 3 on my machine and still had this error) that it was not a "clean install."

    I was curious to know one of the following:

    1. Has anyone discovered the solution to this error?
    2. If not, can someone recommend the best way to UNINSTALL version 2.7.18 in such a way that it actually removes all traces of it having existed, so that
    I can do a clean install?

    Any input is much appreciated,


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