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    From Nodoka Hanamura@2:250/5 to NONE on Thu Sep 16 03:13:02 2021
    Hey all,

    Hope you all are doing well - it's been.. what? About 5 months since I came by here, before I left the scene? I hope all's going well with you all. Meanwhile for me it's been a fair share of ups and downs.

    Sister's been a thorn in my ass for long enough so I've decided to move out at some point with some help from a local mental health facility that offers social services. Also might be getting a job at Chipotle if an interview i'm due for turns out good.

    I've also got a few techie projects in the works, including building my own home server which i'll be using for live tv, game servers, and maybe at some point bringing back NCBBS. It'll be using my old PC's FX-8350 and GT 740 with possibly 16-32 GB of RAM depending on what parts I'll be getting from my friend

    Sarrah. I know it's weird to use consumer hardware (especially something as unoptimized for power as FX-series CPUs) but hey, at least with the heat that damn thing puts out I can cut back on heating costs!

    I also have started working on getting MIRAI Group, the gaming organization (don't really think clan fits it really) I've run for years going in a game I've been playing a lot of lately, VTOL VR - a VR flight sim in the vein of DCS, but a lot more simplified with a focus on near future aircraft like a Navalized F-15 called the F/A-26 and Knockoff F-35 known as the F-45. So far it's been pretty good recruitment wise and the newbies have been more or less getting along with me and one another.

    The past few months have been rough, but I do feel like I've had quite a few realizations to turn my life around in some regards for the better. I've been focusing on losing weight, learning Japanese, among other things.

    But enough about me - what all have I missed since I left?

    Nodoka Hanamura
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