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    From Michael Dukelsky@2:5020/1042 to Rick Smith on Fri Nov 20 13:45:38 2020
    Hello Rick,

    Thursday November 19 2020, Rick Smith wrote to All:

    In an effort to make things a little more neat in my configs
    specifically areas_* files I have them setup like this..

    EchoAreaDefaults -b jam -a 1:340/202 -sbkeepAll -g F -dupeCheck move -dupehistory 11 -$m 5000 1:340/400

    EchoArea 10TH_AMD /home/fido/msgbase/fido/10th_amd -d "10th Amendment Echo" 1:340/202.1

    The above is how I would like areafix autocreate to write to the file
    but this is how it ends up doing it....

    EchoArea fidosoft.husky /home/fido/ftn/msgbase/fido/fidosoft.husky -a 1:340/202 -b Jam -p 3650 -dupeCheck move -dupeHistory 14 -d "disc.on Husky" -g F 1:340/202.1

    so is there a way to have areafix use the defaults for the network and write the first format above to the areas file?

    Normally an echo area is created without the options already mentioned in EchoAreaDefaults. And it never invents options of its own. You have -dupehistory 11 in EchoAreaDefaults and the created echo has -dupeHistory 14. :-) Please check you config. You may also use areafixAutoCreateDefaults (look for *AutoCreateDefaults in fidoconfig manual).


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