• Blue Wave & SemPoint

    From Mark Lewis@1:3634/12.73 to Alan Ianson on Wed May 8 23:03:50 2019

    On 2019 May 08 01:50:52, you wrote to All:

    Is there a Blue Wave developer in the house,

    no, they don't exist any more, AFAIK...

    or someone who can answer a question for me?

    we can only try ;)

    A user has uploaded mail to my BBS in Blue Wave format but there seems
    to be a formatting problem, his messages may contain a few paragraphs
    but when processed by the offline mail system here the message text
    all gets bunched together into one paragraph. It makes it hard to read
    his posts. He is using SemPoint at his end.

    sempoint does BW packets??


    In his reply packet there are CRs where you would expect them (but no LF, or newline) to be and in my upload packet there are CR/LF pairs.

    So my question is.. what is the correct way to format a Blue Wave reply packet?

    Is it OK to just use CR or should there be a CR/LF pair?

    based on your description and the fact that BW originates from the DOS world, i'd say that CRLF EOL pairs are required... what you are seeing could be the result of whatever editor the user is using with their sempoint installation... if they can, they should force their editor to use CRLF pairs when editing sempoint messages

    aside from that, here's a link to the BW structures but they don't say anything about the line endings used...



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  • From Alan Ianson@1:153/757 to Mark Lewis on Thu May 9 04:49:12 2019
    sempoint does BW packets??

    From what I understand yes, along with QWK also.. :)

    It can import BW or QWK to Fido *.msg, Squish, Jam, Hudson or EzyCom format. I haven't used it myself but that's what the file_id.diz has to say.

    The last version 2.26 is freeware.

    aside from that, here's a link to the BW structures but they don't say anythin
    about the line endings used...

    I wish they would have said something but I guess at the time that's just the way it was, so there was not much to say.

    Thanks for your reply.. :)

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