• Re: Image BBS v2.0 Config Video

    From Gary McCulloch@1:154/50 to Shane O'neill on Tue Sep 15 14:56:26 2020
    .-: On Tue 15-Sep-2020 10:06a, Shane O'neill@1:305/3.0 wrote :-.
    SO: For those using or dabbling with Image BBS v.20, I wanted let you know
    SO: that
    SO: we put together a how-to/configuration video with X-Tec. Via a remote
    SO: session X-Tec demonstrated how to configure SUBS and U/D sections along
    SO: with
    SO: reviewing other tools in Image BBS v2.0.

    SO: https://8bitboyz.com/2020/09/15/image-bbs-v2-0-configuration/

    Very nice. Just can't wait to see Image 3.0 come out to the public. It can't be much harder to set up.

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