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    From Greg Youngblood@1:123/130 to Daryl Stout on Wed Sep 2 20:32:48 2020
    The plan of salvation is so simple, but because of mankind's pride,
    they reject it because of its simplicity. Yet, everyone has to decide
    for themselves. One of the doors tells how to "Get This Free Gift".

    At my age I like to think with all the hell I raised and was in being
    around friends and not so friends in the Detroit ghetto someone was looking
    after me. Just a lucky stupid metro Detroit kid.

    I saw a picture on Facebook that noted "I would rather live my life as if there is a God, then die, and find out there isn't....than to live my

    I agree I'd rather live knowing their is a God...

    I do read your post most everyday, thanks Daryl!


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