• BASH Echo Rules

    From Andrew Leary@1:320/219 to All on Tue Feb 1 00:34:36 2022
    Echo: BASH
    Moderator: Andrew Leary
    FidoNet 1:320/219
    Email: ajleary19@gmail.com
    Co-Moderator: Sean Dennis
    FidoNet 1:18/200
    Email: sdennis72@gmail.com

    1 - This echo is for Discussion of BASH scripting.

    2 - English is the language to be used in this echo.

    3 - Please lets try to get along. If someone posts something that gives
    you the impulse to flame them, walk away until that feeling passes or
    respond privately to them. If someone is being a PITA and flaming,
    please let the moderator handle it. No profanity or name calling is

    4 - Please use your real name when posting here. If the BBS you are
    posting from doesn't permit the use of real names then state your
    real name in the body of your message.

    5 - Please, limit quoting in your replies. Quote only that part of the
    message which you are actually replying too.

    6 - Rules of Common Courtesy apply at -all- times. If you want to disagree
    with someone. That is ok but don't make it personal. If you can't make it
    cival then take it elsewhere. Bottom line is play nice!

    7 - No file announcements are allowed, unless approved by the moderator(s).

    8 - This echo may NOT be gated (in or out) to any other FTN-style network,
    or the Internet or Newsgroups, without prior permission of the

    Changes will be made to this list as needed. Your input is welcome via
    netmail or email. (Arguing about moderator decisions/rules is not welcome
    in the echo... again, please use netmail or email.)

    Andrew Leary
    Moderator, BASH

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